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It is a joyful exercise to witness the arrival of new talent or to see even old artists finally get their due. While some of these names have proven that screen time doesn’t necessarily define visibility, others have shown that the strongest presence is often those behind the camera. Here are actors, filmmakers and technicians who have left a strong impression this year.

(In alphabetical order)

Anagha (Actor, Dikkiloona)

If you’re on Instagram, there’s a 99.42% chance you’ve seen clips of Anagha dancing on the remastered version of IIlaiyaraaja By Vechalum unforgettable Dikkiloona. The song was a surprise hit and caused a stir among internet users. While she has yet to fully demonstrate her acting skills, the hardest job – getting the public’s attention – seems to have been done. The actor also appeared in Magijin, a clip exploring same-sex love, and it should be interesting to see where she goes from here.

Arun Matheswaran (Director, Rocky)

Has a filmmaker already won two other projects, each bigger than the next, even before the release of their first film? Arun Matheswaran is an anomaly, a talent for escape from all points of view. A former associate of one of Tamil cinema’s most beloved filmmakers, Thiagaraja Kumararajan, Arun made his debut with Rocky, a film with great visual grammar. His interest in people and violence is evident in Rocky, and the poster for his second film, Saani Kayadham, with Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan (!) seems ready to build on that. The director is now ready to collaborate with Dhanush, and the anticipation is already palpable.

Bjorn surrao (Singer & actor, Master and Doctor)

You may not recognize Bjorn Surrao as the voice of Master the Blaster, a track that moviegoers in South India quickly adopted as their ringtone, as did JD, the protagonist of the biggest blockbuster of the year, Master. However, you’ve surely noticed Bjorn’s rib-tickling performance in Doctor. Bjorn, whose musical credits include Velaikaaran and Naalu Peruku Nalladhun Edhuvum Thappilla, turned actor for Nelson Dileepkumar’s black comedy, and the result was a cracker that became an instant viral hit. Bjorn only appears in the film for five minutes, but his dialogue is already part of pop culture, including: “He asks for aambala… where am I going to get aambala…”. Bjorn’s next one has a connection with Vijay again, as he’s set to team up with Nelson again in The beast.

Dushara Vijayan (Actor, Sarpatta Parambarai)

Pa Ranjith’s Sarpatta Parambarai It could have been a testosterone-rich boxing drama about men flexing their triceps and abs, but a wonderful Dushara Vijayan managed to stand out as Mariyamma. Dushara played the character with both vulnerability and ferocity. In a time when the agency of female characters is closely watched, Mariyamma emerges as a fully fleshed out human being, who neither shies away from violence nor restrains his expression of love, lust, disgust or anger. She’s about to follow up with another Ranjith director, Natchathiran Nagargirathu, a little-known project, but we’re already excited.

Hakkim Shah (Actor, Kadaseela Biriyani)

Few villains this year have been as entertaining and menacing as Hakim Shah’s psychopath Johan Arza. The film’s script holds back Johan’s meanness for much of the film. His sadism is also used to evoke a wickedly funny effect. Once Johan unleashes the demon within him, his mere presence becomes an unpleasant sight to behold. He’s funny but terrifying, making Hakim a talent to be sought after.

Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli (Actor, SISP & Karnan)

Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli played two of the best roles of his career this year: Padmini de Karnan and Sivaranjani from Sivaranjaniyum Innum Sila Pengalum. With an important role and an equally convincing performance in Karnan, Lakshmipriyaa freed herself from the label of independent actor; “The public now knows that I exist,” said a candid Lakshmipriyaa we after the release of director Mari Selvaraj, and she’s absolutely right. She also remains attached to reputed niche films with Sivaranjaniyum finally get a release and its dueIt will be interesting to see how his career path unfolds in the future, especially after his stint on TV with Survivor.

Lijomol José (Actor, Jai Bhim)

In the group led by Suriya Jai Bhim, a disturbing procedural drama about unthinkable police brutality, it is Lijomol Jose who left with two glorious mass moments. Lijomol, who made his Tamil cinema debut with the 2019 film Sivappu Manjal Pachai, was unrecognizable as Sengeni, a tribal woman seeking justice for the injustices inflicted on her husband and her community, in Jai Bhim. Even subjected to physical and mental torture, Sengeni does not give in. Lijomole’s portrayal turned a victim into a warrior, and the actor, even in his early days, has already shown that she has what it takes to justify the roles the author holds.

Madonna Ashwin (Director, Mandela)

Madonna Ashwin made a remarkable debut with Mandela, which was created a day before the Tamil Nadu election, and the timing could not have been better. A social satire that paints a fun portrait of how electoral politics and caste are intertwined, the film served Madonna to express her ideology, but that message never took shape. The Yogi Babu-starrer was both hilarious and empowering. Speculation is now rife that Madonna will team up with Sivakarthikeyan for her next one and we can’t wait to see how this unique collaboration ends.

Shabeer Kallarakkal (Actor, Sarpatta Parambarai)

Another artist from Pa Ranjith’s Sarpatta Parambarai to gain instant fame is Shabeer Kallarakkal. The actor, who previously played minor roles in Adanga Maru, Petta, and Teddy bear, finally found a role that pushed him to the fore and how! In the boxing drama, Shabeer’s Dancing Rose is initially presented as a playful character, but once he wears his boxing gloves, he sets the ring on fire. Dancing Rose’s clash with Kabilan (Arya) isn’t just one of the most enjoyable moments in Sarpatta Parambarai, but is one of the best moments in Tamil cinema this year. Shabeer’s body language, the result of months of training, was a joy to see, and Dancing Rose will remain one of this year’s most memorable characters.

Shreyas Krishna (Director of Photography, Pointfollow Thanthiram & Rocky)

Shreyas Krishnan has had three outings this year: Jagame Thandhiram and Peace (Navarasa), both directed by Karthik Subbaraj, and Arun Matheswaran Rocky. The director of photography, whose credits also include Jil Jung Juk and Downstream, left a strong impression with his work this year. While its elegant frames stood out in the Jagamehis surreal imagery helped to make Rocky what it is. The cinematographer finished the shoot Mahaan, and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Tha Se Gnanavel (Director, Jai Bhim)

Tha Se Gnanavel made, I would say, the most discussed Tamil film of the year, Jai Bhim. It’s safe to say that Gnanavel’s flawless portrayal of police brutality and caste discrimination has turned a few heads. The sophomore filmmaker adapted actual on-screen legal proceedings to result in a courageous and pure film, resulting in one of the most famous and controversial films of the year. Aside from its controversial and unpleasant consequences, few films in recent times have created an impact of this magnitude; It’s not everyday that you see viewers reaching out to the people whose lives inspired a movie. A former journalist, Gnanavel shared in an interview with us that he had many more stories to tell, well, intrigued us.

Vijay Kartik Kannan (Director of Photography, Doctor)

Doctor is not only one of the funniest Tamil movies of the year, but also one of the most beautifully shot. A significant part of this can be attributed to cinematographer Vijay Kartik Kannan, who, supported by the vision of director Nelson Dileepkumar, created one of the most striking visual experiences of the year. Vijay received praise for his work in the 2019 film Aadai, but it’s Doctor who put it on the map. In Doctor, Vijay managed to strike a balance between cartoonish playfulness and sophisticated symmetry, ensuring that the Sivakarthikeyan star will be remembered for her distinctive visual treatment. He is about to follow Doctor with Kaathu Vaakula Render Kaadhal and a director of Rathna Kumar with Santhanam in the lead role.

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