The administrator of the illegal download site has been shut down


The person has acknowledged his role in the administration of the “” site where Internet users can fraudulently listen to or download music. Sesame estimates the damage at more than 5.5 million euros.

The site is doing well with double arrivals since the start of the year. But it also provided illegal downloads: more than 10,000 music and video albums are available for French and Moroccan users. The amount of damage estimated by Sesame: more than 5.5 million euros.

Today “” is no longer accessible, and since his arrest on September 21, Gender is suspected of being the designer and manager of the site, given the digital traces he left.

The individual, who is based in Amiens through the Lilly-Villeneuve-D’Askin research division, acknowledged his involvement in management with the help of a friend in Morocco, according to his reports. He was banned from leaving the country and placed under judicial supervision until his trial on February 2.

The investigation is continuing to identify the person who received the advertising revenue.

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