The Big Picture, January 1, 2022, Written Update: Govinda Graces the Stage

In today’s episode, Ranveer Singh welcomes everyone and offers his New Year’s greetings. He tells the audience that the fun is going to be doubled and welcomes “Hero No.1” Govinda . The star appears on stage and dances with Ranveer. Ranveer becomes moved and hugs him. Govinda says Ranveer is also a superstar by heart. Ranveer says Govinda is her inspiration for everything, including her dress sense. He then raps on one of his songs. Govinda says he plays to fund the Nirmala Devi Arun Kumar Trust. Ranveer explains the rules to him and informs him that his lifelines include his wife and two children.

Ranveer’s photo appears on screen and the actor says his ringtone is “Pak Chik Pak Raja Babu” and that they are both performing a scene wearing an outfit similar to that from this movie. Ranveer wears the Govinda cap. They resume the game. Later, Ranveer and Govinda dance to Govinda’s hit songs. The “83” actor thanks him for giving him this opportunity. He tells Govinda that he will give him situations and that he should react with just expressions. Sunita Ahuja asks Ranveer when he will give birth to a baby. Ranveer says he was waiting for one. Govinda answers all questions correctly and earns 10 lakhs for her confidence.

Ranveer talks to Tina and tells her that he’s a huge fan of his father and can’t believe he’s sharing a scene with his childhood idol. Ranveer says that when Govinda looked at Ram Leela and enjoyed ‘Tattad Tattad’ he was overwhelmed. Govinda reveals that when he learned that Ram and Leela would die in the climax, he wanted to leave because he had found love in their relationship. Ranveer tells Govinda that even in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ they died at the end and in ‘Padmaavat’ they were enemies, but in real life they are inseparable. Ranveer ends the show by wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

This episode was watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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