The good form of consumer credit

The month of June was marked by a significant increase in the production of consumer credit in France by 16.6%.

The figures revealed by the French Association of Financial Companies (AFSF) also show that annual change, the 2nd quarter of this year 2015 is up 6.3% compared to the year 2014.

Consumer credit is in better shape


This good form of consumer credit is therefore a very positive sign from French households seeking to finance their personal projects. Even though the financial and economic crisis is still in everyone’s mind, for many the time has come to leave this period in the past.

Moreover, the decline in personal loan rates is an opportunity to take advantage of a credit with an attractive rate. On this month of June, it still represents more than 3.5 billion euros of consumer credit. But this figure must be qualified in comparison with the situation that preceded the economic crisis at the end of 2008. From an annual point of view, loan production remains 20% lower than in September 2008, which remains the best month. before the financial crisis.

Funding for all projects is increasing


According to figures published by the AFSF, it is the loans for the purchase of a new car that progress the most . The increase is impressive: in the second quarter of 2015, with a + 12.7% increase compared to the same period in 2014. In retail, the lease with option to purchase (LOA) progresses the most with unassigned or multi-project personal loans. Second-hand cars purchased on credit also represent an increase of more than 9% in volume since last January.smiling woman in a car

What is rather good news is the decline in the number of revolving credits which represents a real poison for those who have contracted, and it is of the order of -5% since January. Indeed this type of credit also called “money reserve” is often treacherous, and often pushes households to get into debt beyond their means, and only for the benefit of their banker. Choosing a personal loan also means choosing a responsible loan.

Financing your personal projects thanks to a consumer credit


It is worth remembering that consumer credit is also and above all an effective way to finance one’s personal projects. This is an opportunity to have fun, and thanks to the tools of online credit simulation, it is possible to obtain an immediate answer in principle . You can even go further by choosing the credit between individuals. Good Finance offers this type of credit. The main advantage of the peer-to-peer loan is that, on the one hand, without the banks the rates are often lower, and on the other hand, repayment interest goes directly to individuals who have loaned their savings, and not to Miserly bankers of your money.

Consumer credit is a good thing, but peer lending is even better. Do not hesitate to make a free simulation on the Good Finance website, whatever your project (car, works, treasury, household appliances, travel, …)