The iconic Belconnen owl is featured as a postmark

Belconnen Post Office Manager Bradley Stanhope was the driving force behind the development of the new postmark.

Are you sending a letter from the Belconnen post office soon? The recipient could derive real pleasure from it.

Belconnen’s iconic sculpture, the Mighty Owl, has been symbolized as the region’s postmark by Australia Post. The stamp will now appear on outgoing mail from the Belconnen Postal Centre.

A postman will postmark, an imprint that shows the date and place, on letters and packages when the item enters Australia Post’s postal system.

The famous sculpture, made by Bruce Armstrong, was commissioned in 2011 and depicts Ninox Strenua, Australia’s largest species of owl. Ninox Stenua is an occasional visitor to the ACT and has been sighted in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra Nature Park and Namadgi National Park.

The postmark will begin to appear from May 12, 2022, 11 years after the official unveiling of the owl statue in 2011.

Bradley Stanhope with new postmark stampBelconnen Post Office Manager Bradley Stanhope.

Belconnen Post Office Manager Bradley Stanhope was the driving force behind the development of the stamp and is delighted to see the stamp completed.

“The idea for a Belconnen illustrated permanent postmark was originally pitched by one of our team members, I then reviewed the process and submitted our application to Australia Post’s head office in Melbourne,” said said Bradley.

“Postmarks are usually released earlier in the year, but due to the significance of May 12, we have decided to delay the release to coincide with the statue’s 11th anniversary.”

“I have already been surprised by the interest we have generated outside of Belconnen and from collectors. Earlier this week, we received a self-addressed letter from Japan requesting the new postmark.

New stamp BelconnenBelconnen’s new permanent pictorial postmark will begin to appear on May 12, 2022.

Although not all outgoing mail is postmarked, customers can apply to have their mail stamped when posting from the Belconnen post office.

To learn more about the postmark, visit the Australia Post website.

For more information on the Belconnen Owl Statue, visit the Arts Act website.

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