The increasing rhythm of the artist Afrobeats, Femi factor


Throughout the history of the Nigerian music industry, the work of Coker Olorunfemi, known as the Femi Factor, has been considered one of the greatest creations of mankind.

Creativity in its pure, undiluted form is the true definition of his music. Some people see his music as a way to escape the pain of life. It relieves you and allows you to reduce stress. Music is a powerful therapy that will calm you down and in the moment of joy it will make you happy.

His first successful single existed in a different stratosphere than his Nigerian contemporaries, hitting radios and making waves on social media. The key to Femi’s appeal lay in her style of music, her interwoven, confessional and diverse soul, bound with great lyrical dexterity. The effect of “Rajo”, the hit single produced by Femi Factor, still catches the attention of Nigerians after years of release.

A connective and immersive experience of music, art, content and more nestled in Nigeria, for Nigerians and the world at large. Coker Olorunfemi has remarkable mastery and a powerful intuitive approach to creativity in music, content creation and consulting. Her masterful fusion of realism and abstraction is brought to life through an innate and mastered use of her voice and marketing skills. Fasten your seatbelt as we delve into the life of Nigerian successful creator Coker Olorunfemi.

Femi Factor, who is also a content creator and marketing consultant, began her musical journey with a debut single in 2017 titled “Rajo”, the song that still hits radios to this day.

According to the artist, “the song is characterized by a resonance and a seductive perception of depth through a colorful lyricism, he completed it by unveiling three EPs in the space of yesterday and today, entitled : “Cruisetape”, “Afrobyte” and “Listen. The EPs evoke a feeling of birth of new music in the Nigerian industry. The songs embody a strong sense of the primordial and dynamic forces of nature and our connection to its miraculous feeling, energy and diversity. Femi Factor draws its musical inspiration from its environment and has been able to infuse these different influences into different bodies of art.

The artist is also famous for his “Waka Meme” and runs a 9-5 agency that provides advice to brands and media agencies in the area of ​​influencer marketing. Femi factor is without a doubt the quintessential music star and a promising and complete entrepreneur.


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