This week’s best deals, from Hoka Bondi 7s to MysteryVibe sex toys

This week's best deals, from Hoka Bondi 7s to MysteryVibe sex toys

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Incredible deals on all our favorite stuff.

What is this smell? Is it pheromone perfume? It must be, because we suddenly became sexually attracted to all the fall offerings that eluded us. Fall is great for so much more than apple cider donuts from the “rustic” farm stand and bulk candies that are starting to fill up. SVC shelves by August. We’re here for the roaring fall deals and flights we can fill our carts with after scuffing half a dozen Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Spice CBD Candies.

Last weekwe have traveled West Elm’s warehouse sale, stocked on Foria CBD lube bundles, improved our beds with purple savings on mattresses and even bought a do-it-yourself ice cream maker, because enjoying a frozen treat is always in season. This week, buffy makes us never want to leave our beds with its cozy pillows, and MysteryVibe makes us want to shop to get off. Stop, shop and flick the bean.

The best Amazon offers of the moment

Launch your nocturnal screening sessions from Euphoria, Love Island, erotic foreign movies, or whatever tickles your fancy with this mini movie projector for 33% off. It’s LED-powered, portable, features a 100-inch projection screen, built-in stereo speakers, and can easily connect to smart devices via an HDMI adapter.

$99.99$67.49 at Amazon

Your hair and skin deserve all the spa treatments in the world. How do you get that feeling of luxury without going to the Ritz-Carlton? This natural mulberry silk pillowcase for 24% off. It is refreshing, easy to clean, reduces friction on the hair and is gentle on the skin. With a 4.6-star rating and over 3,200 reviews, it’s a loyal horse in the world of silk bedding. “I bought this to help reduce hair loss while sleeping—WOW what a difference!!” a reviewer on Amazon wrote. “Smoother hair, less shedding and less breakage.”

$17.99 at Amazon

Rise ‘n’ grind with this sunrise-simulating alarm clock – far better than Apple’s collection of ringtones, and better still, for 40% off. It uses seven natural sounds to take you from the dead in the middle of your REM cycle, and gradually brightens your room from 10% to 100% over a period of 10 to 30 minutes before your alarm setting time. Wake up by the forces of nature for 40% off.

$59.99$35.98 at Amazon

Buffy’s Cozy Fall Sale

Regarding the brand of bedding buffy, the thought of its comfy yet refreshing sheets, duvets, pillows, and more gives us both goosebumps and hard pinches. It’s safe to say that summer is over and the cold is here to stay. Stay cuddled during handcuff season, no matter your single/caught status by Buffy Wiggle pillow that wraps around you in all the right places. You also can’t go wrong with the brand’s puffy blanket that pairs with your puffer jacket – both are marked for the “Comfortable Comfortable Sale.”

$69$58.65 at buffy

$99$84.15 at buffy

Sale on the whole Rollink site

We hope fall travel is on your agenda, and if not, what the hell are you doing with your life? Book that trip to the Bahamas already and get wrapped up with Rollink’s foldable luggage for 25% off until September 30. All models fold flat up to 2 inches thick, are scratch resistant and have ultra-durable hard shells, including the Flex Vega carry-on suitcase for $46 off.

$185$138.75 at rollin

Nordstrom’s Hoka Bondi 7 Secret Sale

Nordic is still a dime when it comes to its markdowns on designer duds, but the big-box retailer must have known we were browsing, as we spotted some hidden deals on our personal favorite Hoka Bondi 7. Our go-to running shoe was a bit of a hassle to find as it is now out of stock on Hoka’s websiteso it’s in your best interest to hook it now to Nordstrom for 20% off. Some of its standout features include lightweight cushioning to absorb shock and distribute weight, and Meta-Rocker technology for a smooth and comfortable ride.

$160$128 at Nordström

MysteryVibe’s Sexy Fall Sale

We don’t condone having a bone session while picking apples, but we’re not going to tell you what to do. Fall just makes us feel some kind of way, you know? And that’s why we’re gonna hang a MysteryVibe sex toy this week for up to 25% off. One of our favorite pack animals the low is the soft, Gumby-like Crescendo 2 for $34 off. It has six specially placed motors that target sensations in your erotic crevices, is water resistant and has 16 different intensities.

$229$195 at MysteryVibe

Sur La Table Warehouse Sale

Fall dishes of caramelized butternut squash and roasted pecans have us hooked, but that kind of magic can’t happen without kitchen essentials. Score up to 50% off kitchen utensils, tools, bakeware and small appliances to On the table until October 2. This Le Creuset Deep Round Dutch Oven gives us the eyes of the room with its $130 savings. Roast anything and everything, braise meats and simmer copious amounts of searing tomato bisque.

$379.95$249.95 at On the table

$379.95$249.95 at On the table

Meeting next week.

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