Touchdown Wire’s NFL Week 10 Preview Podcast


Week 10 of the NFL season has arrived, and as usual, Touchdown Wire’s Doug Farrar and Mark Schofield break everything down with tape notes and advanced measurements.

On this week’s podcast:

  • Cam Newton’s news fell live during our recording, which means you can hear Doug’s Van Halen ringtone;
  • Doug’s and Mark’s All-Underrated teams for the first half of the season;
  • That’s okay against the Dolphins, but do the Ravens have a fatal flaw in their pass defense?
  • Why the Cowboys better beware of a much improved Falcons attack;
  • Why the saints and Trevor Siemian has a real problem against a Titans defense that was exceptional last month;
  • How the Jaguars can continue an unexpected defensive stretch against the Colts and Carson Wentz;
  • Why the Browns without Odell might have more problems against the Patriots than against the Bengals (and where Odell adapts best once he’s picked a new team);
  • What’s wrong with the Bills offense, and why even the Jets may not provide an easy fix;
  • Poor, poor Jared Goff. You have the Steelers this week. Ouch.
  • Why Tampa Bay-Washington could be a game like last season’s rockfight;
  • Why it’s time for Chargers OC Joe Lombardi to let go of Justin Herbert;
  • How the Eagles can handle Denver’s deep passing game and why Jalen Hurts is having a tough day against Vic Fangio’s cast defense;
  • Why the Packers have offensive problems even though Aaron Rodgers is back;
  • Why last week’s reductive approach for Patrick Mahomes won’t work against the Raiders; and…
  • Why you really I don’t want to be Kyle Shanahan on Monday night.

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