Tyler, the creator spends half a million dollars on a bizarre channel

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Tyler, the creator spent half a million dollars on a strange chain and diamond pendant.

The artist recently performed LUMBERMAN at the 2021 BET Awards, just released from the tracklist of his new album, Call me if you get lost. He was received positively, with many critics noting his reference to the rapper’s luxury and good fortune during his career.

Now he’s deposited a huge amount of money on a new piece of jewelry, based on one of Tyler’s new nicknames: groom.

The chain and pendant were designed by Alex Moss, its complexity taking around seven months. It features a small multi-colored groom covered with an array of precious stones, including diamonds and sapphires.

As reported by TMZ, the piece has 23,515 stones – all set by hand – including 186 carats in diamonds and 60 carats in sapphires. The bellhop’s small suitcases even open and close, because why not? It is believed that it took four months to acquire all the stones needed for the pendant.

Moss shared the jewelry on his Instagram, where it was once dubbed “Channel of the Year” to go along with “Album of the Year.”

You can also see Tyler wearing the necklace in the video for JUGGERNAUT:

Rap Alert joked that Tyler wanted to be “so bad” Esteban Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez, a reference to the groom of Zack and Cody’s sequel life.

While many admired the pendant craftsmanship, calling Moss the best in the industry, others just don’t like the design, with some calling it “tacky” and looking like “a Christmas ornament”.

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