Watch These 10 Dogs Face Their Parents With Serious Emergencies In This Hilarious And Cute TikTok Trend

dog calling human tiktok

Courtesy of mowglithegoldenbud / TikTok

Dogs love to alert us to all kinds of things every day. They bark at every puppy that passes, whine when it’s time to feed and, of course, knock on the door when they want to go outside. So if there was a reality where dogs could actually call us, that would be the end of the game for pet parents.

One of TikTok’s latest trends has taken that idea and used it, pairing the FaceTime ringtone with dogs looking at the camera like they’re making the call themselves. It’s both hilarious and adorable. Here are ten of the cutest dogs who face their parents with a variety of (very serious) puppy issues.

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Sorry, your dad hurt you, Buckets. We don’t see any spongy rolls on your face, but we all know you are a good looking boy.


Kong has your tongue? We know how obsessed puppies can be with these stuffed toys, but aside from being delicious, they’re also great for mental stimulation. Pro tip: If you freeze it, the peanut butter will last longer, which means you won’t have to spam your mom’s phone that often.

The copper

“Red Alert! Code Red! Emergency! We are again besieged by the evil and obstinate mailman!” We trust this puppy to protect the house – they’re probably already pros anyway.


Looks like Stormy the Alaskan klee kai suffered an injustice there. Look at her! So grieved with no one to recognize her great stretch. Send us a DM next time and we’ll say “Ooh, big stretch” for you everyday.


Ah yes, the classic bullet under the sofa riddle. Have you tried lying on your side and fiddling with the air for hours to no avail? We can’t say it works, but at least it makes your human feel guilty about getting it for you.


Well, would you like to look at the time. Looks like it’s been an excruciating 60 seconds since Beau was supposed to eat his puppy food. What a tragedy. We are starting a GoFundMe. He can’t go on like this anymore.


Chester the golden retriever is absolutely furious at this act of betrayal. Look at that very big sigh! He might forgive, but he’ll never forget his dad had the nerve to pet another puppy.


There’s no way Vilja’s mom has affairs outside the house that don’t involve her cockapoo. It’s not like she has a life outside of being a dog parent or whatever. Absolutely not. What a shame for her to have forgotten her precious cargo.


Most dogs can swim, but that doesn’t mean they always want to, especially when their ball is floating in the deep end. again. This is where we useful humans come in, isn’t it? Law?!


What if you stayed outside with Bentley for 30 minutes waiting for him to do his business? He didn’t need to go then. But now that we’re comfortable inside, you better believe that he needs to groom himself. It would be a shame if you had to clean a wet stain on the carpet, right?

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