What has changed in music since ABBA’s last album 40 years ago?


In 1982, as ABBA was going their separate ways, Frida recorded “I Know There’s Something Going On”, in an attempt to distance herself from the ABBA sound. Genesis drummer and singer Phil Collins played drums and produced the song.

As the 1980s turned into the 1990s, the people filling the dance floors had very different songs to sing, unlike ABBA’s melodic and reflective pop tunes combined with feel-good dance hymns.

The lush songs produced by ABBA seemed to date from the 1990s. Yet their hits continued to draw people to the dance floor, many singing half-serious, whether at nightclubs, weddings or bar mitzvahs. . Other very different songs filled the same niche.

Since ABBA’s last album, other bands that speak English as a second language have topped the US music charts. Roxette – a pop duo, also from Sweden – was a constant hit-maker in the late ’80s and early’ 90s. “Macarena,” from Los del Rio, has been a dance floor favorite since 1995.

Adele, the English singer and songwriter who has sold more than 120 million records, was born only six years after ABBA’s farewell. In September, the British press was delighted to realize that ABBA’s November 5 release date was the same as Adele’s debut album in six years, calling it “the biggest ranking battle of all time. “. Now Adele says her new album will be released on November 19.

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