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People try to call you, but they can’t reach you. But why doesn’t your phone ring when someone calls you? It is possible that your phone sends a call to voicemail when there is no network service or when you have activated do not disturb (DND) mode.

There can be several other possible causes for this, and most of them are easy to fix. There are many configuration options you can change to resolve this issue.

This article will clarify the possible reasons why your calls go straight to voicemail when someone makes a call. Moreover, you will learn the best methods to solve this problem.

2 reasons your call is going straight to voicemail

  • No service / Airplane mode

If the phone is too far away to connect to the cell tower or blocked from the outside world via airplane mode, the call will go to voicemail. To change this, open the settings and check if airplane mode is on or off. If airplane mode turns out to be on, turn it off.

If your phone is in DND mode, you won’t receive any calls or notifications until you turn it off. Unlike silent mode, DND mode forwards incoming calls to voicemail. To disable DND mode, you need to tap on the Halfmoon icon, which is right next to focus on the control center.

Solutions to prevent calls from going straight to voicemail

DND is ideal when you want to stay away from calls and messages. When you enable DND mode, phone calls go straight to voicemail without ringing for even a second.

You need to be careful while using DND mode because in iOS 11, DND while driving is a relevant feature. When your phone detects that you are driving, it automatically activates DND mode. It is therefore necessary to ensure that this function is deactivated. Otherwise, you will not receive calls and they will go straight to voicemail.

In iOS 15 call settings, you can adjust Focus settings to not route calls to voicemail when Focus is on. Open Settings and tap Focus, then go to Phone calls. Here you will find some options.

First, if you don’t want to mute a call from the same person for 3 minutes, click the button at the top of the screen. Next, choose whether you want to receive calls from Everyone, Nobody, or Favorites when the focus is active.

A new solution has appeared in the new version of iOS: change the announcement call to always. Thus, users can set how often and when the phone should announce calls.

To do this, go to Settings, select Phone Features, then click Announce Calls. Under Announce Calls, choose the Always option. After changing the settings, restart the device and check if it returns to normal or not.

Sometimes the phone ringer may be muted. The call is likely to go to voicemail because you cannot hear it when you receive the call. Try maximizing the ringtone volume to see if that’s the problem. Open Settings and tap Sounds & Haptics. Under Ringtones and notifications, toggle the slider to the right.

When the slider adjustment is complete, you will hear the phone ring. After attempting this, have someone call you and determine if the problem is still present. If the call immediately goes to voicemail, find the next step.

  • Check for carrier settings updates

If your call goes directly to voicemail, you may need to update your iPhone’s carrier settings. You can connect your iPhone to your carrier’s wireless network by setting up your page.

If the iPhone carrier settings are not new, you may have a connectivity issue with your carrier’s network.

The network may cause incoming calls to be sent to voicemail. Open the Settings app, tap General and go to “About” to check for carrier settings updates.

When a carrier settings update is available, your iPhone displays the message “carrier settings update”.

You can mute calls from unknown numbers to prevent the incoming call from entering voicemail. These calls are moved to Express Mail but appear in the “Recents” tab under Phone.

To turn off unknown callers, you need to open your settings and go to the Phone option. Make sure to disable the option next to Ignore unknown callers.

When Apple releases a new version of iOS, sometimes your calls go straight to voicemail due to software bugs.

Updating your iPhone can stabilize software bugs if the iOS update includes a modem update.

Open Settings and tap General. Then go to Software Updates. If iOS updates are available, tap Download and Install or Install Now.

  • Contact your wireless service provider

If none of the above issues occur and your calls are still going straight to your voicemail, it’s time to call your wireless service provider. It is possible that the problem is not yours but theirs. They may need to update their ride settings for your device.

But if you continuously face such problems, you may consider changing the service provider. This might help resolve the issue faster.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the common reasons why your calls go straight to voicemail. Be sure to apply our solutions to try to resolve the problem in question.

Alternatively, you can always contact your friends, colleagues or family members using the same phone and chat if they have faced similar issues.

If the issue still persists, you can contact your respective carrier’s support team and ask for their help in fixing the issue.

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