Yikemike is the go-to producer for mainstream hits and career launching


Become a prodigy of the Inland Empire, YikeMike’s status in the industry reaches new heights of recognition and fame.

Inland Empire has in its hands one of the best creatives in the music industry. Well versed in production, DJing, engineering, songwriting, graphic design and A&R, YikeMike is the complete package. His multi-talented abilities as a musician began at the age of 12, creating Magix Music Maker beats before moving on to FL Studio. His ear for music was undeniable, and it only became more evident when the melodies and chord progressions he composes together laid the foundation for the hip-hop bangers of mainstream artists.

YikeMike was the mastermind behind Blueface’s “Next Big Thing” which even drew compliments from Mr. OVO, Drizzy Drake. Giving Blueface the boost he needed earlier in his career, YikeMike came with the heat for another rising artist, AzChike, producing the beat for his single “Mmhmm”. Any doubts that he was the stimulus for artists wanting to get a hit single were shattered when he repeated his success rate with producing “This S ### Bang” for Morgen C. Rhythm features the unforgettable soothing melodic hard jazzy from YikeMike. a striking bass sound, perfect for relaxing vibrations and for having fun.

YikeMike has influenced the rise of the future talents he works with. West coast fire like Blueface, tracks like AzChike or jazzy tracks like Morgen C, YikeMike has the beat to make it a classic. He’s the man with the plan, with the skills to back it up. Follow his journey from Californian legend to international music guru.

“Next Big Thing” product by Blueface: https://youtu.be/zMrT_-kp9qg

Product “Mmhmm” by AzChike: https://youtu.be/_tqijyOQcwU

Product “This S ### Bang” by Morgen C: https://youtu.be/yyd4HgDglwQ

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yikemike?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1YikeMike

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